Why Trade OTC?

If you want to buy or sell large quantities of virtual assets(cryptocurrencies),
the actual execution can be quite strenuous because:

There simply might not be enough liquidity,
You have to buy or sell from multiple exchanges,
You may unfavorably affect market prices,
Some exchanges may have banking complications.

What we offer


Personal Trading support

You work privately with our experienced team of traders from initiation through settlement and we will tailor the deal to best suit your needs.


Market updates

We provide daily updates to let you know of what has happened and what is going on in the markets on a daily basis.


Deep liquidity

With an extensive partnership network across the globe, we offer deep liquidity so you can execute orders regardless of how big they are.


Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive prices with low fees, regardless of your trade size.


Fast Settlement

A trade is typically settled within 24 hours, wherever you are in the world.


Multiple assets

We facilitate all major virtual assets(cryptocurrencies). If you have a specific asset you want to trade, just ask our trader.

* Minimum trade size starts at 200,000 USD and eligibility is subject to AML/KYC and other requirements.

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