GOPAX Security PolicyYour assets are safe with us.We always give our best
for the secure protection of your assets.
The safety of your assets and private information is of utmost importance to GOPAX.
Our security experts are dedicated to providing a safe trading environment for you.
2-Factor Authentication (2FA) RequirementFor the safety of your account, additional authentication means are employed. Use OTP solutions such as Google Authenticator to enhance the safety of your account.
Notification SystemTo make sure that you are fully aware of the activities on your account, we immediately notify you whenever login, change to private information, deposit/withdrawal, or order request has occured on your account.
Multi-Layered Security SystemAll devices connected to the Internet are inherently vulnerable. Thus, GOPAX stores the majority of the virtual asset(cryptocurrency) deposits in an offline wallet for safe protection against various online attacks. The access to this wallet is compartmentalized and encrypted through our multi-layered security system, where only a select few personnel may gain access.
Multiple Approval SystemNo security system should be in the hands of a single person. The access to our asset management system is protected by requiring the multiple approvals.
Rigorous Reference ManagementGOPAX separates the resources for deposit/withdrawal processing and for asset management. The employees of GOPAX have passed rigorous reference checks including criminal records in the hiring process.
24/7 Deposit/Withdrawal MonitoringGOPAX is compliant with the global standards for anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorist financing. GOPAX monitors suspicious activities through automated AML/CTF systems.
Breach Detection and DDoS DefenseSystem safety and service availability are crucial. To provide safe protection, we always keep an eye on harmful traffic and abnormal activities, while utilizing the latest defense technologies against DDoS attacks.